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Telehealth: Removing Roadblocks to Care

While many of us are accustomed to having readily available access to healthcare, that isn’t the reality for many in remote locations. At GlobalMed we know telemedicine can bring care to

DoctorNowGH® Telehealth Solution Arrives In Ghana To Provide A Virtual Healthcare Solution As COVID-19 Cases Grow

KWAB Emerging Technologies (KWAB Tech), Ltd. has launched an amazing new telehealth app called DoctorNowGH®. In the era of growing COVID-19 cases and an increasing use of virtual meetings, telehealth

AMEYAW MEETSCOVID-19 exposes Disparities In Health Care Among People Of Colour – Dr. Daniel Laroche

Dr. Daniel Laroche, a New York-based glaucoma specialist is working on the front lines to educate others about prevention of COVID-19, while also spreading awareness about the inequalities in health

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